I admit it. I am a lister

After years protesting my innocence, I admit it. I am a lister. But not in the traditional sense. My trip list for Kettle of One is hovering around the 320 mark with about a month and a half to go. That is actually a pretty dismal return, but the aim of this project is not […]

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Not dead, but wifi might be.

I apologize for not keeping up to date on this website. I am in Oaxaca state in Mexico, heading south into Chiapas State and then Guatemala. I have been posting regularly to Facebook several times a day, because it is much easier to include media. I will update this as I can, but in the […]

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With Emily Hague and partner, Zach Smith, Elizabeth Long, and Richard Pendleton

New York in the rear view mirror

This 4 minute video is from September 10, when Richard Pendleton and I passed south through New York. We stayed with with Zach Smith and Elizabeth Long. Elizabeth is the Science Director for the Mohonk Preserve; a regional land trust and conservation research organization, and Zach has quite the hawkwatching resume. Great people. Zach took […]

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Trash and birds

Polly Pattison sent this email out a couple of weeks ago. Polly works for the Harris Center in Hancock NH and is one of the most emotionally invested people I know. She wears her heart on her sleeve for things that she cares about, and she cares a lot about wildlife and the environment. I […]

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Sadie. Photograph by Laurie Goodrich

Tracking Sadie

I crossed into Alabama today. I missed the state line, probably because I was being chased by yard dogs. They sure are a thing in the south, and I have developed a mean sprint. I put in 60 miles today en route to Scottsboro, including a detour to a GPS point that Sadie dropped back […]

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