Broad-winged Hawks on Pack — September 17, 2011

Broad-winged Hawk Kettle (136 birds)

Broad-winged Hawk Kettle (136 birds)

Yesterday (September 17th, 2011) was the big day, with 3,500 or so broad-winged hawks migrating south past Pack Monadnock during a two hour window.

The numbers: 58% of a combined 45,000 broad-winged hawks that have been tallied during the last nine Septembers starting 2003 have occurred during the September 16-19th window

2012 – mark your calendar now – Sunday September 16 2012 through Wednesday September 19 – keep those dates open for a greater than 50% chance shot of making the big one.

Pet peeve — folks referring donuts as awesome.  Donuts might be sweet, but awesome — that word’s for events like yesterday.

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