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Greater  Yellowlegs, Powder Mill Pond, Hancock September 3 2015

The Kevin Costner approach to birding – build it and they will come (or at least let the water out)

As luck would have it, rock worm have been having a field day with the Monadnock Paper Mill dam on the Contoocook River. This dam is responsible for creating Powder Mill Pond, which is a fine pond for birding under normal circumstances. But for the second fall in five years, the pond has been drained […]

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Shorebirds dry up inland – time to head to the coast

I visited NH’s coast for the first time this year – there hasnt been the need, as inland migration this year has been phenomenal.  A good day was had, highlighted by astounding views of 2 Cape May Warblers on Star Island, which also hosted a Prairie Warbler and 2 American Golden Plovers on Star Island.  […]

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