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30,000 foot view

I flew to Nashville via Chicago on Friday. The plane overflew some of my favorite birding haunts along the Connecticut River, from Charlestown to Walpole. I had planned on taking a day next week to check them out. Waterfowl should be starting to move north very soon. St. Patricks Day is peak (apparently the venerable […]

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Greenland Greater White-fronted Geese, Putney Vermont

Connecticut River Geese, Spring 2014

2014 was a good spring for goose diversity in the Connecticut River Valley. The following gallery includes shots of all five species seen to date (all through an iPhone/telescope combination). In addition, I found two more neck-banded Canada Geese. I sent the band numbers away to and got a response within two weeks. Both […]

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Pomarine Jaeger #1 Jeffreys Ledge Nov 22 2013

Jeffreys Ledge Pomarine Jaegers

I visited Jeffreys Ledge today with Eastmans and was pleasantly surprised by the action. Normally mid-July to mid-September is peak on the ledge, but this summer the birds didn’t materialize, perhaps related to food distribution in the Gulf of Maine (itself related to ocean warming?). The numbers today were actually quite impressive given the time of […]

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Nocturnal Migration in Hancock

This week’s shopper article references the following audio file. It was recorded from 10-11pm on September 15th from my back yard, in Hancock New Hampshire. I edited it to remove the dead space, leaving a clip about 90 seconds long that features almost 200 bird call notes, each one representing a different bird headed south […]

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Shorebirds dry up inland – time to head to the coast

I visited NH’s coast for the first time this year – there hasnt been the need, as inland migration this year has been phenomenal.  A good day was had, highlighted by astounding views of 2 Cape May Warblers on Star Island, which also hosted a Prairie Warbler and 2 American Golden Plovers on Star Island.  […]

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