I admit it. I am a lister

After years protesting my innocence, I admit it. I am a lister. But not in the traditional sense. My trip list for Kettle of One is hovering around the 320 mark with about a month and a half to go. That is actually a pretty dismal return, but the aim of this project is not to amass a list, but to follow a path. Normal lists are compiled in taxonomic order, but if you look at my list from a chronological perspective, it tells the story of my journey but in a different language (Latin actually). So yes, I am a big fan of this type of listing. The link below is a pdf of all birds seen since I left Pack Monadnock on September 6th, arranged by date of sighting.


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  1. Ted Leach January 17, 2017 at 7:02 pm #

    Pretty much mirrors my list for the same period – amazing!

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