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Jeffrey’s Ledge Today — December 11, 2011

Five of us headed out to Jeffrey’s Ledge today December 11, 2011 (myself, Bruce Bartrug, Zeke Cornell, Scott Spangenberg, and Greg Tillman).  The weather was close to perfect for the date — beginning 2 foot seas dropping to 1 foot in the afternoon, clear skies and light wind. The target species were mostly represented (again […]

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Shorebirds dry up inland – time to head to the coast

I visited NH’s coast for the first time this year – there hasnt been the need, as inland migration this year has been phenomenal.  A good day was had, highlighted by astounding views of 2 Cape May Warblers on Star Island, which also hosted a Prairie Warbler and 2 American Golden Plovers on Star Island.  […]

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