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Star Island — last trip of the year — October 27, 2011

I am running the final trip of what has been a terrific October experiment so far.  The final bird of the last trip, an apparent willow flycatcher, was a completely unexpected 100th bird for the island this October, and the latest NH record by almost a month.  This weekend offers, in addition to potential for unexpected fall rarities, […]

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Star Island Trip Report — October 23, 2011

Another great day on Star Island, highlighted by stunning views of a short-eared owl hiding (or so it thought) amongst vegetation about 20 yards away, white-eyed vireo, yellow-breasted chat (both found by Greg, in addition to the aforementioned empid), three razorbills, 2 cory’s  shearwater, fox sparrow, good kinglet migration (both species), six species of warbler […]

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Great Day on Star — September 24, 2011

Fourteen birders joined me on Star Island yesterday (Saturday) off the coast of NH, for a great day of fall birding.  Nothing rare, but great Star Island fall birding standards including three yellow-billed cuckoos and a yellow-breasted chat.  A remarkably consistent and homogenous warbler assemblage on the island – almost all blackpolls (numbering about 100).  The […]

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