So what is in all those bags?

Kettle of One gear

Kettle of One gear

Off again today after a week spent with my wife Tricia in Nashville, replacing some worn parts (new rear tire), resting other worn parts (knees), and getting on top of technology. Resumed the journey today from Knoxville, with a simple 40 mile journey to to Louden. I hope to make Chattanooga tomorrow, which will be the biggest ride of the trip so far (almost 100 miles), but I feel up to it now (where are you Richard Pendleton?).

Some folks expressed an interest in my gear, so I have uploaded a video explaining same. I added a few things in Nashville which Tricia brought with her from NH by car, most notably a water filtration system. One of the things we take for granted in the first world is clean water. I ride the next few days to Birmingham AL and then Corpus Christi bound via the Natchez Trace parkway. I want to make up miles on this section. Anyway, if you are interested in the gear, click here.


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